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xSigma is a stablecoin exchange and a liquidity mining platform backed by a public NASDAQ company, launched by world-class developers from xSigma Labs.

ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: ZKIN)

xSigma is a trustless project , the team can’t intervene the operation or access the funds, due to its decentralized nature.
A trustless system means that the participants involved do not need to know or trust each other or a third party for the system to function. In a trustless environment, three is no single entity that has authority over the system, and consensus is achieved without participants having to know or trust anuthing but the system itself.
What’s xSigma Finance?

xSigma Finance is a decentralized stablecoin exchange that provides the cheapest transactions for customers and a mining platform for liquidity providers.

On one side, customers can exchange their stablecoins at the best rate; on the other side, liquidity providers offer their stablecoins to earn rewards.

xSigma is the first DeFi project backed by a NASDAQ-listed company: ZK International (Nasdaq: ZKIN). The team at xSigma Labs includes world-class developers and engineers formerly of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ripple, 1inch and others. This brings a new level of transparency and legitimacy to the industry, separating xSigma from all other projects in the DeFi space. In addition, xSigma Protocol's smart contracts have been audited before the launch.
xSigma Stablecoin DEX
xSigma DEX is a decentralized stablecoin exchange, that currently offers the best exchange rates on the market. It has simple and intuitive user interface. Gas for transactions will be subsidized for the first quarter of operation (like commission cashback), offering the absolute cheapest exchanges on the market.

xSigma Protocol for LPs

To execute trades, the exchange needs ample stablecoin reserves. So, the exchange invites liquidity providers (LP), guys who have crypto, to maintain the reserves. To motivate LPs, the xSigma Protocol pays rewards in the SIG token over time.

This reward structure benefits all participants involved: xSigma has the capacity to execute trades of any size, LPs earn crypto on their crypto holdings, customers exchange their stablecoins for the best rate.

The xSigma team won’t do any public or private token sales or pre-mints.
SIG Token

SIG token is a governance utility token with in-built voting and value accrual mechanisms. Liquidity providers are rewarded with SIG tokens over time.

SIG tokens can be earned by providing liquidity (i.e., “farming”). They can also be purchased directly from liquidity providers who sell their SIG and through decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

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xSigma is Live

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